Pete Wentz's breast obsession

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  • 12 December 2008
Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz's breast obsession

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz has revealed his favourite thing about wife Ashlee Simpson is her breasts

Pete Wentz's favourite thing about wife Ashlee Simpson is her breasts.

The Fall Out Boy rocker - who welcomed his first child with Ashlee, son Bronx Mowgli, into the world last month - can't get enough of her chest, but is adamant the pair's relationship is based on more than just physical attraction.

Asked what his favourite feature of Ashlee's was, Pete replied: "I would have to start with the breasts!

"Ashlee is the kind of person that understands me in a way that other human beings don't understand each other. I would say that we fit together kind of like Lego pieces, and that's how we're able to communicate."

The 29-year-old musician revealed he loves being married, and is astonished by how kind and caring Ashlee is.

He said: "She's always there for me, she always has my back no matter what. If I have to leave at 6am to go somewhere, she's packing my bag for me. I'm like, 'What are you doing up at 6am?' and she's packing my bag."

Pete has also rubbished recent claims he and Ashlee are struggling to secure a big-money deal for the first pictures of Bronx.

He wrote on his blog: "We are not placing judgment on those that do as they often use the money in a very charitable way. However, we have made the decision to not sell Bronx's baby pictures right now.

"We know there will be a time when we'll share him with everyone because that insatiable curiosity becomes unsafe or simply because we're proud parents who want to show him off! So, at some time, when it makes sense, Bronx will be out in the world."

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