Exposure: Jesse Malin

Exposure: Jesse Malin

A grizzled ex-punk turned down-at-heel, heart-on-sleeve troubadour of a sort that only the US of A could produce, New Yorker Jesse Malin is the rock and roller’s rock and roller, and counts Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams amongst his closest musical amigos. He arrives in Scotland touring his debut live album Mercury Retrograde.

Hmm, he looks vaguely familiar. Where do I recognise him from?
Malin spent his formative years fronting semi-successful glam punk band D Generation, as well as string of less notable groups – Heart Attack, Hope, Bellvue and PCP Highway amongst them. Judging by his penchant for rubbish band names, we say going solo was a wise move.

He’s a little a better at naming albums though?
Yes: the one longplayer Malin released with The Finger (sigh) – a short-lived punk outfit he formed with Ryan Adams (more on him later) – is titled We Are Fuck You. Touché.

The Boss is a fan you say?
Perhaps seeing a little of his (slightly) younger self in Malin’s heroic posturing and love of a big fat chorus, he is indeed. Springsteen even duetted with him on the song ‘Broken Radio’, on Malin’s 2007 album Glitter In The Gutter, which also featured a host of other big name rockers.

Such as?
Josh Homme, Jakob Dylan and, yup, Ryan Adams – who incidentally also produced Malin’s solo debut back in 2001, The Fine Art Of Self Destruction (Adams’ production debut). Basically, Malin has just skipped past the breakthrough stage and got straight into hanging with rock A-listers and generally being a bit of a dude by association. Like we say: touché.

ABC2, Glasgow, Thu Dec 11; Mercury Retrograde is out now on One Little Indian.

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