Paul McCartney's boar war

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  • 10 December 2008
Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney's boar war

Sir Paul McCartney has angered neighbours by refusing to cull wild boar on his estate, despite homeowners claiming they are "wreaking havoc" around his Peasmarsh Estate in East Sussex

Sir Paul McCartney has angered neighbours by refusing to cull wild boar on his estate.

Homeowners close to his 1,500 acre Peasmarsh property in East Sussex say the animals, which weigh up to 900lbs, are "wreaking havoc" but the staunch vegetarian won't take action despite government policy saying landowners have the power to cull wild boar if they threaten the environment, farming or human safety.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The boar are doing huge damage. They are also dangerous if confronted.

"Locals are up in arms because he won't allow them to be shot. They are breeding like rabbits and his estate is completely over-run.

"Boar are a huge problem for farmers. As with deer, the government has a policy to allow humane culling but Paul is having none of it."

Professional boar stalker Stewart Venables warned: "Wild boar can be very dangerous. They will attack people to protect their young. They have tusks and teeth like razors.

"A charging boar could kill someone. They really are a big problem in the UK now."

Paul McCartney

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