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The road to musical hell is paved with good intentions. This year’s Comic Relief charity single sees two of our most treasured girl groups unite for a cover version of Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ (Fascination/Island - 2 stars). Unfortunately, while the Sugababes are average, Girls Aloud appear to have had novocaine injected into their gums and sing as if they were reading from an autocue. Far livelier though are The Aliens whose psychedelic pop slice ‘Setting Sun’ (Pet Rock Records - 4 stars) further whets the appetite for their debut album.

Not content with inducing many viewers to cut themselves with her ‘hey y’all’ speech at the Brits, Ms Joss Stone has returned with ‘Tell Me ‘Bout It’ (Relentless - 1 star), a single in possession of about as much soul as a bucket of KFC, thus completing a true car crash of a comeback. While Stone comes off about as ghetto fabulous as Mark Thatcher, Amp Fiddler is a tad more convincing on his ‘Ridin’/Faith’ (PIAS - 3 stars) split EP, even managing to shake off the damning praise of Jamiroquai being his number one fan. Almost.

With ‘Shine On’ (Atlantic - 2 stars) Jet have attempted to prove to the world that they are more than just meatheads bashing out tunes in between rounds of beer pong. In this they almost succeed but fall at the last hurdle due to some rhymes born of the Dr Seuss school of lyricism. Enter Shikari’s fondness of synths sees their screamo effort ‘Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour’ (Ambush Reality - 3 stars) sound in places like a Ministry of Sound compilation track and begs the question, how long before a nu Euro trance revival rears its ugly head? Hopefully before such a disaster befalls British music some time will be given to Good Shoes. ‘Never Meant To Hurt You’ (Brille - 4 stars) gets Single of the Fortnight and provides yet more evidence that their post punk with Ritalin jitters brilliance slaps back the majority of new music being produced on these fair isles.

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