TV: Also on at Xmas

TV: Also on at Xmas

Doctor Who The Cybermen stalk Victorian London as the Timelord comes face to face with another Doctor. BBC1, Thu 25 Dec, 6pm.

The Royal Family Two years after Nana passed away, the couch potatoes are back to have just another regular Christmas. BBC1, Thu 25 Dec, 9.30pm.

Stanley Baxter: Now and Then The Scottish icon returns for a one-off special in which other comics such as Eddie Izzard and Rory Bremner talk about how they were inspired by him. ITV1, Thu 25 Dec, 10.30pm.

The Eternity Man A new opera film by Julien Temple about an Australian petty criminal who had a massive impact on the nation’s psyche. Channel 4, Mon 29 Dec, 11.10pm.

Thatcher and the Scots A look at this nation’s recent history which deflates myths and reveals some harsh truths about the battles of the 80s. BBC2, Fri 2 Jan, 9pm.

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