Songs of the Year 2008

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  • 11 December 2008
Songs of the Year 2008

We pick the tunes that mattered in 2008

'Skinny Love' Bon Iver One man's heartbreak becomes our joy from the album of the year.

'Like the Rest of Us' Atmosphere
The leftfield dwelling purists may sneer but this is beguiling, introspective hip hop brilliance.

'Run Run' Those Dancing Days
Honeyed vocalising over tinpot C86-isms. A marriage made in heaven.

'Black and Gold' Sam Sparro
Just when we thought nothing further could be done with the Schaffel, this slice of perfect pop becomes a summer anthem.

'Do You Feel Safe?' The Xcerts
Heartbreakingly good bittersweet alt.rock that is both romantic and emphatic.

'All Hope is Gone' Slipknot
Five minutes of boiling, seething anti-capitalist rage, with heretical drumming and a scream-a-long chorus.

'Love Triangle' Popup
A bitter, sordid tale of indie love and lust gone awry in the nefarious environs of the Glasgow indie underground.

'I Kissed a Girl' Katy Perry
The finest example of guilty pleasure, faux lesbian pop sauciness since tATu's school yard heavy petting.

'Batcat' Mogwai
Shards of 13th Floor Elevators and Neurosis melt into something pensive and glorious in the hands of Scotland's finest live band.

'That's Not My Name' The Ting Tings
Perfect for robot dancing and the festival pogo. Mud permitting.

'Sex on Fire' Kings of Leon
Dirty wee men with terrible lyrics, overly tight trousers and enough rock horn to stimulate a herd of buffalo.

'Ready for the Floor' Hot Chip
They look like Crimewatch photofits and sound like the Pet Shop Boys had a bunch of skaters for kids. Yum!

'Wheels' Come On Gang!
Brittle, incandescent power pop to crash small cars to.

'Say Aha' Santogold
Because she crazycool. And it's a joyous dance-about riot.

'Darling' Sons and Daughters
A great big sparkly charge of a song with killer guitar riff.

'Kiss With a Fist' Florence and the Machine
Smouldery gorgeous yowling vocals, lyrics about a frightening passion.

'American Boy' Estelle ft Kanye West
Marked a new high in Anglo-American relations while coolly putting US R&B in its place.

'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' Vampire Weekend
Long Island highlife evoking the spirit of Paul Simon's Graceland, replete with baffling references to Peter Gabriel.

'Welcome to Heartbreak' Kanye West
Hip hop navel gazing indulgence set to a '84 era Depeche Mode backbeat. Dark. Sort of.

'Kids' MGMT
Wonderfully surreal pop from everyone's favourite new hippies. It's all about the drum breakdown climax.

'One Day Like This' Elbow
Everything's going to be alright. The sun's out in Elbow's world and we get to join them.

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