Doorley/Fowlis/Martin/Nic Amhlaoibh - Dual (4 stars)

Doorley/Fowlis/Martin/Nic Amhlaoibh - Dual

(Machair Records)


Julie Fowlis has been the most prominent success among the new generation of Gaelic singers, and her award-winning exploits have done much to help raise the profile of Gaelic song. On this session, though, she takes equal billing with her husband, bouzouki player and fiddler Éamon Doorley, Scottish guitarist Ross Martin, and Irish Gaelic singer Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh.

The collaborative nature of the project is reflected in the music as well as the title (a Gaelic word meaning ‘twine, braid, interlace or coil’). The two singers share vocal duties on a selection of songs, lays and mouth music from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic traditions. They are strong, expressive singers, and their voices work very well both as contrasting leads and in harmony. Both also make instrumental contributions alongside the men, who return the role-swapping by chipping in backing vocals.

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