Trost - Trust Me (2 stars)

Trost - Trust Me

(Bronzerat Records)


The sound of Berliner angst then, is a woman saying over and over and over again how things are wrong. Her shoes are wrong. Her apartment is wrong. Her cheap lipstick is wrong. That particular track, then, is entitled ‘I Was Wrong’. Coming over like a Germanic Husky Rescue but substituting haunting melodies for noirish burbling, Annika Line Trost gives it both barrels in genre-bending, chucking in the jazz-fused lunacy of ‘Neonlight Deadland’, the moody percussive dead ends of ‘The Scales and the Score’ which sounds like Tom Waits gatecrashing a David Lynch soundtrack and the chatty, strummy ‘Black’. All of which, by rights, should leave you in a foul temper.

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