Various - Kung Fu Super Sounds (3 stars)

Various - Kung Fu Super Sounds

(De Wolfe Records)


Strictly one for the movie soundtrack buff (especially Tarantino fans), this collection of 43 Shaw Brothers/Martial Arts excerpts from 1976-1984 on one CD, is a hit and miss affair.

The soundtracks of Dirty Ho, Return to the 36th Chamber and Heaven & Hell all feature highly on this multi-composer extravaganza of post-Blaxploitation/Bond-esque, orchestral jazz.

Pick of the bunch (and most recognisable) are ‘Horror House’, the thematic `Moonbird’, ’Spin Out’ & composer Reg Tilsley’s bombastic two-some ‘Counterspy’ and `Industrial Complex’ So listen up, bite the bullet, and get into the swing of things. Literally.

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