Y'all is Fantasy Island - No Ceremony (5 stars)

Y'all is Fantasy Island - No Ceremony

(Wise Blood Records)


From the deepest darkest depths of Falkirk (and Glasgow), singer-songwriter Adam Stafford and his fine band of musicians unleash their third excellent, self-financed album.

Marking a significant change of direction (actually, it’s more like they’re going in every direction) No Ceremony contrasts Kurt-punk grunge (particularly evident on ‘Consider Yourself Swallowed’), the Fugazi-like ‘With Handclaps’, the more reflective and mournful ‘Jack Montgomery’ and the punkabilly ‘Wreck on the Highway Boy’. They deliberately, playfully toy with scores of influences, but that’s no bad thing. If heard ‘properly’ by the right people, Y’all Is Fantasy Island could be big by 2010. Until then, go see them live.

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