Le Le - Flage (3 stars)

Le Le - Flage



What do you get if you put together a cult graphic designer from Amsterdam’s red light district, an ex-writer from uber-arch Vice magazine and a Dutch electro-funk producer? A euro-trash, piss-take, party-mix of half-hilarious, half-horrific beats, that’s what.

Piet Parra, Serge Faberge and Rimer London call their Franco-Dutch-Kraut mix ‘esperantology’, and with shouts of ‘bon soir’ and ‘extraordinaire!’ it sounds like Delboy taught them all they know about languages, but the surreal sprinkling of cut-and-paste foreign lyrics about Monaco yachts, good photography and cornichons loses its novelty value fairly soon. A blast of guttural German over dirty electro beats is exciting for a while, but like eating too much brie, you feel sick pretty soon.

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