Angil and Hiddntracks - Ouliposaliva (4 stars)

Angil and Hiddntracks - Ouliposaliva

(Chemikal Underground)


Introduced to Chemikal Underground by shared acquaintance Jim Putnam of Radar Bros, Angil and Hiddntracks are a quality addition to the roster, a bizarre but still indefinably soulful combination of chamber pop and jazz. While Mickaël Mottet, aka Angil, is often compared broadly to John Coltrane and Sun Ra, perhaps the high concept charm of Magnetic Fields might be another useful touchstone.

Acting on a request from his saxophonist Francis Bourganel not to use the E key, Mottet has gone so far as to excise it from the name of his band. The result is ragged and frayed, in that it dances around the fringes of musical convention and sanity, but there’s a blissful charm at the heart of the album which carries it towards minor classic territory.

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