New Found Glory (5 stars)

New Found Glory

Barrowland, Glasgow, Sun 23 Nov


It’s really not often you get a band who nail pop punk live. Really nail it. The three supports tonight all try, and fail for various reasons – primarily horrendous sound – but New Found Glory have their own equipment, own sound guy and a decade or more’s experience of killing it onstage. Nothing’s changed since they were at the Barrowland six years ago really: the overweight bassist still insists on taking his shirt off, they still play Hit or Miss and the place still goes off. There’s circle pits, pogoing, a lot of wild hand gesticulation and huge sing-alongs.

Although they’ve got a seventh studio album, Not Without A Fight, on the way, tonight they play a set studded with their best, best-known songs, some dating all the way back to their first album. As NFG have been around long enough to build up a considerable number of fans over the age of 18, those of us able to drink legally don’t have to suffer that feeling of looking like either a parent or a paedo – usually the norm at gigs of this genre. High energy, a crowd pleasing set list and banter that doesn’t make you cringe. Can’t say better than that.

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