Jolly Jango Christmas

Jolly Jango Christmas

Winter Wonderland, Edinburgh, until 4 Jan


As a first class juggler and slapstick comedian, Clive Andrews knows a lot about good timing. So it seems appropriate that his route to becoming a clown was due to being in the right place at the right time. Working as an aerialist in an Australia circus, a fellow performer’s absence brought Andrews back down to earth.

‘One night, in the great tradition of circus, something went wrong and there was a space in the programme,’ recalls Andrews. ‘And I’d always wanted to be a clown but had got sidetracked into being an aerialist, so I went out there and did a bit of slapstick and clowning around. I got a good laugh and thought, “Yeah, this is what I want to do.”’

Twelve years later, Andrews has built up an impressive career as Jango the Clown, taking in everything from kids birthday parties to his charming children’s show, The Lighthouse Keeper to working as a comic waiter at dinner functions. For the duration of this festive season, however, Andrews will be in residence at the Spiegeltent in East Princes Street Gardens as part of Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations.

Blending physical comedy, juggling, puppetry and humorous magic, Jolly Jango Christmas takes place in the morning, while in the evening Andrews performs in the more adult White Magic show. How does he find swapping between audiences? ‘I do some of the same things in both shows but they’re presented differently,’ says Andrews. ‘I perform in lots of situations and can adapt to the age range of the audience. Adults often come up to me after the kids show and tell me how much they’ve enjoyed it, because they get things out of it that the kids don’t and vice versa.’

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