Dolby Anol

Dolby Anol

Cancelled at the Barfly, Glasgow, Fri 19 Dec.


‘It seems like everywhere else cares more about us than Glasgow, especially Europe and London,’ says Graham Peel, one half of Glaswegian DJ and production duo Dolby Anol. He’s laughing, but he’s got a point. In their home city, the pair are known – if they’re known at all – as a quirky electro duo with a party-pleasing reputation and a sometime history of playing in bands (Peel used to be frontman of Flying Matchstick Men, John Baillie Jr is in Dananananaykroyd).

Meanwhile, they’ve been feted by Mixmag and Annie Mac, booked to play some of the continent’s finest underground parties, have recorded on Tigerbeat6’s Tigerbass label and now BackYard, and their in-the-works debut album features contributions from Lola Olafisoye of Chrome Hoof/Spektrum and Amandah Wilkinson of Operator Please. So Peel can afford to be philosophical: ‘If we moved to London or Berlin we’d just be two of many people doing the same thing, whereas coming from a smaller place makes you stand out. But a lot of people get to the stage where they end up doing well in Glasgow and then are afraid to step outside that safety net’.

A healthy balance of home and away is what the pair aim for, so they’ve returned to the promoting game with their bi-monthly night Cancelled at the newly-refurbished Barfly, this fortnight featuring Boys Noize’ Shadow Dancer and Strip Steve. ‘We borrowed a lot of the aesthetic for Cancelled from a club we played in Antwerp called Blast Your Ghetto,’ says Peel, ‘it knows its own style, it’s not pretentious … and we’ve got lasers in! There aren’t enough clubs in Glasgow with lasers.’ And with that, we’re sold.

Utter Gutter

It's a jolly holly budget-priced In-Sanity Clause Credit Crunch Crimbo for Utter Gutter this year, who promise to go easy on your pockets but not your ears, with John Baillie Jnr (Dolby Anol) joining Madame S to lead the usual dirty house, sleazy techno, whoreish disco, thumping rock, pumping homo-electro beats, at this…


Presenting a massive Tigerbass label party, with Kid 606, Dolby Anol and Genuine Guy, while 12 Dec is a Boys Noize label night with Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve and Cancelled residents Dolby Anol.

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