Pat Mills & Various - The Complete Ro-Busters (4 stars)

The Complete Ro-Busters



Starting out in 2000AD’s sister mag Starlord (before jumping ship when Starlord folded to its more successful sibling), Ro-Busters was a more cynical version of Thunderbirds. They are an all robot search and rescue team run by Mr 10 Percent, a human who has replaced so much of his body only his brain remains, who deploys Ro-Busters only if the price is right and revels in their expendable, mechanised nature. The main characters Ro-Jaws (a garbage disposal droid) and Hammerstein (a war droid) bringing a cutting sarcasm to their roles as reluctant saviours.

All written by Pat Mills (with some back up stories by Alan Moore) added together with art from Kevin O’Neil, Mike McMahon, Dave Gibbons and other Brit comics luminaries and you have a winning package.

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