Charles Berlitz - The Bermuda Triangle (3 stars)

Charles Berlitz - The Bermuda Triangle



Christopher Columbus was the first recorded individual to find something peculiar about the area dubbed Devil’s Triangle, writing in his log about ‘strange dancing lights on the horizon’. Five centuries on and Barry Manilow remains the only US crooner to have ever coupled ‘Bermuda Triangle’ with ‘see if from my angle’. That mysterious zone along the southern boundary around the Bahamas and the Florida Straits has seemingly swallowed up planes and ships in startling numbers since the still unexplained disappearance of five US torpedo bombers in December 1945.

Skeptics and believers have argued ever since and this tome from Charles Berlitz, which analyses the various theories (UFOs, Atlantis, dodgy compass readings), has now sold a staggering 20m copies since 1974. Perhaps the greatest mystery is that crafts pretty much stopped disappearing from the 80s, lending credence to the theory that these disappearances were merely a set of weird coincidences. Still, I don’t know of anyone planning a solo flight there any time soon.

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