Pigeon Detectives and Ripchord - live review (3 stars)

The Pigeon Detectives and Ripchord

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Tue 20 Feb


You can be sure that music’s changing when a frontman manages to raise a euphoric howl with such classic rock’n’roll banter as ‘right, does everyone here have a computer?’ - a phrase that sums up how the likes of this pair of bands manage to incite pant-wetting across the country, despite not even having album’s out.

Young Wolverhampton Arctic Monkeys alikes Ripchord have apparently ‘never been to Edinburgh before’, but, thanks to the weeviling powers of t’internet, single ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ is faithfully sung back word for word. Leeds-based quintet The Pigeon Detectives receive a similar reception to just about every song - all of which are admittedly pretty catchy indie-punk-pop Buzzcocks-style ramalamas. Singer Matt Bowman didn’t seem in any doubt as to where the familiarity comes from, following up his computer related query with the suggestion that everyone should listen to their new single ‘Romantic Type’, ‘on the Myspace’.

And why not? You’ve got one too don’t you?

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