Vinnie Jones' blind rage

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  • 9 December 2008
Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones' blind rage

Vinnie Jones has spoken for the first time about the bar fight which left him needing 48 stitches on his face, insisting the attack was entirely unprovoked and someone tried to blind him "for life"

Vinnie Jones says the bar fight which left him needing 48 stitches on his face was entirely unprovoked.

The 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' star - who was charged with simple assault for the incident in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, last week - insists he was "stitched up" by Juan Barrera, who had previously claimed Vinnie turned on him after he called the actor "that guy from 'X-Men'".

Vinnie, 43, told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The fact is - someone tried to blind me. Would you not be p****d off if someone tried to blind you for life?

"I was in South Dakota with a crowd of mates for a pheasant shoot. We stopped off for a few beers and didn't think anything of it. I arrived at the bar and was signing autographs and doing pictures.

"We were having a laugh with a group of lads at the pool table - whose girlfriends I was doing pictures for. They started having a joke about my films. The next thing I knew I was on the ground with a glass in my face.

"It was over in seconds. The blood was pouring out. The attack came from nowhere. I was stunned by it. All the way through it, someone was shouting, 'Knife!' It was like a car crash. It all seemed to happen so quickly."

Vinnie - who was photographed with severe cuts and bruises in his mug shot - also revealed he visited a top plastic surgeon following the attack to see if the damage could be repaired.

Father-of-two Vinnie added: "I've had 48 stitches in my face. I am just glad the surgeon did a brilliant job."

Vinnie could be sentenced to a year in jail if he is found guilty of assault.

Jesse Bickett, 24, the man accused of striking Vinnie with a beer mug, is currently still in custody.

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