Katy Perry Travis saviour

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Travis saviour

'I Kissed A Girl' singer Katy Perry saved her boyfriend Travis McCoy's life after he hit "rock bottom".

Katy Perry saved her boyfriend's life.

Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy claims the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer was so compassionate during a self-destructive time in his life he managed to pull himself back from the brink.

He said: "There was this really, really dark point about two years ago where I just hit rock bottom. And I called Katy who was in Los Angeles at the time and said to her, 'Do you mind coming out and keeping me company? I'm not in a good state of mind right now.'

"And I honestly think had she not come - I really don't think I would be here right now. Without even talking, she just listened. I truly believe that saved my life."

Travis - who has been dating the brunette beauty since 2005 - has previously said the pair share a language which only they understand and enjoy morning cuddling sessions.

He added: "It's kind of silly, but I love it. And also just goofing around. It just works."

Katy Perry

Sassy but cynically marketed style-over-content pop from the 'I Kissed a Girl' songstress on her Prismatic world tour.


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