'Man's woman' Eva Mendes

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  • 8 December 2008
Eva Mendes

'Man's woman' Eva Mendes

'The Spirit' actress Eva Mendes thinks "belonging" to a man is sexy

Eva Mendes thinks "belonging" to a man is sexy.

'The Spirit' actress - who is in a relationship with producer George Gargurevich - loves the feeling of being looked after by her boyfriends.

She said: "The flip side to this strong career woman you see is a woman who loves being her man's woman. It's just sexy to belong to a man.

"Of course, we don't belong to anyone but ourselves, but how boring. There's a certain part of me that's like, 'Please take care of me'. It's just a natural thing. But I'm not sure if every woman has it."

Eva, 34, also said she hates jealous men and would instantly end a relationship if her partner showed any signs of envy.

She added to Esquire magazine: "Jealousy is the one thing I can't tolerate in a guy because of my career.

"Everything else can be talked through, but if you're jealous, you're holding me back and I can't do what I love. So that's a deal-breaker."

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