Courtney Love's 'angry' record

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  • 6 December 2008
Courtney Love

Courtney Love's 'angry' record

Former Hole singer Courtney Love has revealed she has stopped taking anti-depressant tablets to help her make an "angry" album

Courtney Love has stopped taking anti-depressants to make an "angry" album.

The former Hole singer - who had been asked by her management to stop taking her mood-altering medication while recording 'Nobody's Daughter' - admits she can't wait to finish working on the record so she can start taking them again.

She said: "I'm off anti-depressants for the moment because my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry and face the demons.

"And I am so f***ing angry! I'm getting back on them as soon as the album is finished. I'm not going to punch anybody, but I have to do two hours of exercise a day to feel good."

The 44-year-old star - who battled drug addictions and whose husband Kurt Cobain shot himself in 1994 - says she now depends on Buddhist rituals to help her stay grounded.

She added: "I'm a Buddhist and I chant. Whatever else is going on in my life now, I do not miss that.

"I'm two hours late? I do not care. I'm still chanting. If I don't chant, I'm negative, sullen and cold. With it, I'm still flamboyant and a nasty little b***h, but I'm not inappropriate."

Courtney Love

Grunge rock from the frontwoman of alt. rock band Hole as she embarks on her UK tour.

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