'Superman' Patrick Swayze

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  • 5 December 2008
Patrick Swayze

'Superman' Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze - who is currently battling cancer - has been described as "Superman" by co-workers on TV show 'The Beast'

Patrick Swayze has been described as "Superman" by co-workers on TV show 'The Beast'.

The veteran US actor, who has been battling deadly pancreatic cancer, amazed everyone on the set of the cop drama by doing his own action scenes and stunts.

A show insider said: "Patrick was amazing. You wouldn't think he was being treated for cancer. He had the energy to keep up with the fast pace. He put in long hours and had a great, positive attitude. Everyone on the show loves him."

The 'Dirty Dancing' actor was diagnosed with cancer in January and has since undergone pioneering Cyberknife radiotherapy at California's Stamford University Medical Center.

Earlier this week, he blasted reports he was dying, claiming the endless speculation around his health amounted to "emotional cruelty" to his family.

Patrick, 56, said: "Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease and from the moment I was diagnosed, I knew I was in for the fight of my life. It's a battle, and so far, I've been winning. I'm one of the lucky few that responds well to treatment.

"But the latest is they're reporting that I'm on my last legs and saying goodbye to my tearful family! For me, my family, and those close to me, it amounts to downright emotional cruelty. That makes me angry when hope is so precious."

He also spoke of how he has enjoyed working on 'The Beast' adding: "I'm very proud of the work I've done on my new series. It's a great feeling of accomplishment to say you're going to do something and do it."

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