Broody Ellen DeGeneres

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  • 4 December 2008
Ellen DeGeneres

Broody Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres says seeing adverts for children's clothing have made her want to have a baby

Ellen DeGeneres says adverts for children's clothing make her want to have a baby.

Ellen, who married her female partner Portia di Rossi in a ceremony in August, is thinking about starting a family after seeing the "cute" models featured in clothing company GAP's new campaign.

She joked: "I see those adverts that have the babies in them for GAP and maybe it's cute that they have a little GAP knit sweater on their head, a little GAP outfit. But they advertise kids very well, those GAP ads. I don't even look at the clothes - I just go, 'That's a cute baby, I'll take that one.' "

Speaking more seriously, Ellen, 50, added that because she and Portia, 35, are a same sex couple they have to carefully consider having a child.

She said: "I think that's one of the things about not being able to just accidentally get pregnant and have a child. You really, really have to want one - whether it's trying to figure out how you get pregnant or if you adopt."

She is also keen to stress that, despite her broodiness, she and Portia have no plans to increase their family at present.

Ellen added to AOL TV: "I think that's even more of a reason that people that aren't able to have kids should be allowed to adopt - because you have to really want a kid, and that's a big responsibility. So we are not taking it lightly. We would really think about it before we did it."

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