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  • The List
  • 27 November 2008

The List’s Daily Exposure
Nothing like kicking off with a bit of shameful self-promotion but The List recently launched an online initiative to showcase a different new band every day on our site. Read about the band, hear the band, watch a video, even download a track, and if you like what you hear, then check them out live later that week. Submissions for inclusion are welcome to our Edinburgh office address or to

Jock Rock
Stuart McHugh remains one of the most benevolent of forces in all things Scottish indie shmindie and manages to round up the comings and goings in the Scottish scene. Get involved: review, be reviewed, showcase your music, make contacts with kindred spirits. See also, the web-based home of the one-time print magazine and all round Scottish indie bible, where you can place demos, network and bitch out those who become successful on the message boards.

The Pop Cop
Incisive commentary on the Scottish music scene. Upload tracks for review if you’re brave enough. To be honest, they’re pretty supportive by most accounts.

Dedicated to supporting and promoting unsigned music in Scotland and and virtual advice shop with tons of useful info on file plus local music news, reviews and more.

New Found Sound
A small but dedicated group of individuals combine their forces to champion new music across Scotland with gigs, advice and more. Always worth punting Derrick a CD and getting involved in the local showcases they put across the country.

Band for the Day
A rather self-explanatory spot which scours the globe for new music and takes nominations too so get your tracks up, get your friends on there to big up your tunes so the waiting public find them more easily.

Part of a network (netwerk?) of sites across the UK started to help promote new music. A good place to get reviewed, whether live or your demo as there’s plenty of savvy scribes ready to give their tuppenceworth. and

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