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  • 18 September 2006

The Dispatch

What’s a perfectly nice indie DJ like Vic Galloway doing in a place like Ibiza? Living up the indie madness, that’s what.

I do end up in some strange places with work these days. None stranger than the Balearic party isle of Ibiza. Long seen as a haven for bangin’ choons, the clubbing capital of the world is in transition right now as pop-culture swings once more towards guitars and bands. All summer I’ve been darting back and forward to the white isle to play nights such as ‘Ibiza Rocks’ and ‘Rogue Indie’ in San Antonio.

It all sounds so glamorous, and to be honest, there are worse ways to earn a living, but this change is still very much underground over there as the mainstream continues to favour a ‘funky house’-only policy on the whole. I see the addition of indie to the island’s vibe as a serious plus, rock’n’roll is dance music too! At times I did ask myself ‘what on earth are you doing here?’ as I received yet another request for The Killers. What made me smile, however, was DJing in a club wearing shorts and T-shirt, flanked by dwarves and dancers in hot pants playing rock tunes at volume through sound-systems designed for techno. It’s a weird thrill to unleash Ramones records on bemused lads with footballers’ haircuts!

If you’ve never been, and I hadn’t before, the island is an idyllic land of olive and orange groves, beautiful bays and extraordinary sunsets. If you can escape the Union Jack, egg’n’chips, lager-lager-lager mentality of San Antonio you will find a multicultural retreat for the fun-loving which can also be relatively peaceful when it needs to be. I’ll be back to DJ if I’m asked, and maybe a few more will make the journey too. Viva La Revolution!

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