Exposure - Those Dancing Days

Exposure - Those Dancing Days

Many bad things have come from Led Zeppelin; a whole plethora of ill-advised haircuts, for example, ridiculously wanky guitar solos – oh, and far too tight trousers… But if it wasn’t for their track ‘Dancing Days’, we might not have this compelling Swedish quintet. Fresh out of school in Stockholm and plucking their moniker from Plant, Page and co, Those Dancing Days cater in Sixties soul-tinged indie offerings, driven by soaring harmonies, rattling rhythms and insanely catchy melodies. Lovely. We catch up with them in Tokyo after a hugely successful year …

Debut album In Our Space Hero Suits came out a few months ago. Happy with how it was received?
‘Yes - we are great! It is amazing to be able to go and play all around the world. Although there was someone who blogged about us saying we were like Milli Vanilli!’

Very weird. You’re playing in Scotland for the first time this month so we’ll be checking your mics…How would you describe your live shows then?
‘It is so difficult explaining your own music but we will probably be louder than most people expect. Come down and dance with us!’

We don’t need to be asked twice. What else are you up to over the next few months?
‘After the November UK dates we have another few booked in Scandinavia and France but first we’ve got to get practising rrrrolling our rrrrrs for the Glasgow show’.

Hmm, best of luck with that.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sunday 30 Nov.

Those Dancing Days and Sky Larkin

Effervescent all-girl five-piece from Sweden.

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