Exposure - Ten Kens

Exposure - Ten Kens

Proving that there’s so much more to Toronto’s new music scene than two hip-ly-hooded synth terrorists, here comes the brilliant Ten Kens; and with this lot, you really couldn’t get further from Crystal Castles if you tried. The beardy and speccy foursome tout clever, gritty noise-pop, with country stomp tendencies and properly singable melodies to boot. They’re heading to the UK for the first time this month, and in anticipation of this exciting inaugural Scottish date we pinned them down to answer a few questions…

Ten Kens is bloody magnificent. Well done!
‘Well we never made the album for anyone but ourselves, but these accolades are pretty sweet. It's beyond gratifying to have your work respected and admired, and ours comes simply from a pure and genuine love of music.’

Beautiful. People have described your music as indie-psych in the past. What do you reckon?
‘We've been labelled post-punk, prog, even avant-garde. It's definitely hard to put a title on what we're doing, but we like it that way. It was always our intention to be unclassifiable. We basically created a mix-tape mash-up of all our favourite genres. We'll call it grunge-noir emotive post-rock, for lack of a better term.’

Ummm ok…We’re thinking of coming to see you live. How would you tempt us?
‘If you like it loud and raw, we're the band for you. We put on an old school, straight-up, in your face grunge rock show that will melt your face off.’ Gulp.

Nice ‘N’ Sleazys, Glasgow, Sunday 30 Nov

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