5 Reasons To Go See - Dean Owens

5 Reasons To Go See - Dean Owens

1 He’s got both kinds of music – country and western An old gag, but not entirely appropriate for Owens, an Edinburgh-based purveyor of finely crafted Americana, who also manages to channel folk, traditional, pop, soul and punk into the mix.

2 The man from Leith, he says yes! Irvine Welsh is a massive fan, even writing the sleevenotes for Owens’ consummate recent third album, Whisky Hearts. Coincidentally, ‘Man From Leith’ is the stand-out track on Whisky Hearts, a beautiful tribute to Owens’ father.

3 He’s got famous musical pals Whisky Hearts was recorded in Nashville and features members of Americana legends The Mavericks and The Jayhawks, as well as Al Perkins, pedal steel legend and one-time collaborator with Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan.

4 Russell Brand is a fan Hmmm, maybe should keep quiet about this one till the heat dies down. When he wasn’t making prank calls, Brand used his Radio 2 show to champion Owens, so his airtime wasn’t entirely wasted.

5 He’s a bit tasty We don’t mean in terms of looks, although he’s no boiler, likes, no we mean in terms of fighting. Owens is a keen amateur boxer, following in his father’s footsteps, so just watch it with the heckling at the back there.

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Wed 3 Dec.

Dean Owens

Scotland's Americana troubadour.

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