The Killers - Day & Age (3 stars)

The Killers - Day & Age



As much as they try to conceal it with dodgy facial fuzz and crunchy guitar riffs, The Killers are just a big brash pop band at heart. The clues are in Brandon Flowers’ penchant for outlandish outfits and, of course, his way with a catchy chorus. On Day & Age, the Las Vegas quartet ditch Springsteen and finally fully embrace their Pet Shop Boys side, doling out a crisp and camp mix of dancefloor-worthy beats, melancholy melodies, tooting horns, chiming bells, grand pianos and jaunty disco basslines – and they sound all the more comfortable for it. Admittedly none of these twelve tracks even touches pop music’s grand masters Xenomania, but oh boy, they’re getting closer …

The Killers

Las Vegas rockers famed for their glamorous take on indie rock'n'roll. The Killers are Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitars), Mark Stoermer (bass) and Ronnie Vannucci (drums).

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