Amon Tobin - album review (4 stars)


The Foley Room


(Ninja Tune)

Everything’s going organic these days, from shoes to hats to yoghurt, so it is truly apposite that someone should compose a soundtrack which might reflect such a movement without having to resort to some kind of ugly, if well intentioned, knitted, boiled hemp stramash of leeks and digeridoos.

After years of painstakingly constructing tracks from fragments of other people’s records, Amon Tobin has changed tack, so he’s painstakingly constructing tracks from a myriad of sounds he’s recorded from the real world. The thought of him recording ants walking across a mic is sweet but completely lost amidst the rigidly organised confusion we bear witness to here. This is as fragmented a record as he’s ever made, and when it hits home it is wild and disorienting, but locked into some bigger grooves that come back around to play on your soul. Going organic never seemed like such a good investment until now.

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