Clinic (3 stars)


The Arches, Glasgow, Wed 19 Nov


Always different, always the same. The Peel maxim used to describe The Fall is equally applicable to Clinic, the quiet men of the Domino Records roster, who have deviated little from the driving, atmospheric and echo drenched blueprint as outlined on early albums. And the crowd for this Glasgow date wouldn’t have it any other way. Every track is received like a greatest hit by a fanbase that is evidently growing quietly in both size and levels of devotion with every tour and album.

From the tremolo guitar, trademark organ and shaking drums that define their sound – and echo an earlier era of their Liverpool home – Clinic do what they do very well, somehow managing to combine ambition, doom and humour along the way.

Billed as ‘Planetarium of the Soul’ and incorporating visuals by animator Clemens Habicht (as is so often the case with visuals, on a screen that is too small) and well-received set by Glasgow’s latest yelpy psych pop merchants Isosceles and a violin led meander into riffland from Cardiff trio Threatmantics, this evening didn’t require dressing in artifice – it was just a really good gig.

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