Tropics (4 stars)


Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 18 Nov


In a tiny venue on a cold Tuesday night, sometime after midnight, with a young band who are somewhat unheralded nationally - the odds were stacked against this show from the start. Yet Sneaky’s is cosy rather than characterless, the crowd (and possibly band) were suitably well-oiled, and in front of an audience of no more than two or three dozen, London’s Tropics felt at home enough that singer and guitarist Jodie Cox could play part of the set standing out amidst the crowd. Or maybe that was just because the stage was so small.

Whatever, Tropics are a fine band, and small stages aren’t the habitat they were born for. Currently in the midst of a national tour with Seattle hardcore mob These Arms Are Snakes, with who they’ve also released a split 7-inch entitled ‘Future Gets Tense’, the quartet approximate a style that’s similarly stuck between the sludgy and the batteringly rhythmic. They finish with drummer Robin Silas destroying his drum kit and flinging it around the stage, which was a perfect end to a gig which could well end up being an ‘I-was-there’ affair sometime soon.

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