Razorlight (3 stars)


Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Nov


For a man so widely reported as having lost his rock’n’roll mojo, Jonny Borrell has either fired into the Prozac or rediscovered ‘the light’. A packed and extremely enthusiastic Corn Exchange didn’t take long to put their hosts’ minds at rest. Blinding versions of ‘In the Morning’, ‘Fall to Pieces’ and ‘Stumble and Fall’ saw the crowd jumping back to the sound desk. Trust me, this glimpse of Barrowland-esque magic this far east is a rarity but spirits deflated somewhat when new album Slipway Fires became the focus.

The faithful clapped along loyally attempting to keep the vibe alive but really there was nothing new. ‘Tabloid Lover’ is close to ‘Up all Night’ but this less rousing and ultimately less inspiring sound seemed to sap the energy from the room.

Not to worry – just leap onto the drum kit, throw in your best Guitar Heroes moves, and launch into ‘America’. Hey presto! – all is forgiven.

Overall, though Razorlight’s stadium aspirations just don’t seem to fit them no matter how long Borrell holds his notes. Tonight, Razorlight were the musical equivalent of a pair of skinny jeans. Tight, but eventually something will have to give.

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