Rosie and the Goldbug (3 stars)

The JD Set @ ABC2, Glasgow, Tue 11 Nov


Jack Daniel’s keep rolling on the JD Set tour with Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers punk turned rock elder statesman) presiding over tonight’s picks. Anachronistic styles seem to be the theme of the evening, with supporters Rosie and the Goldbug harking back to the forward-looking age of Modernism, their name in a Charles Rennie Mackintosh-style logo on the bass drum and a theatricality-laced, piano-led pomp-pop. All drama-students-turned-bands (that’s you, The Kooks) take note.

Art Brut cover the postmodern era as a cleverer-than-thou comedy band, the very zenith of irony-laced, anti-music. And while it is true they employ wit in their deadpan, mostly spoken lyrics, there’s a great deal more to them than that. A euphoric live show proves they have the guitar riffs to back up the lyrical one-liners and lead snarker Eddie Argos employs all the techniques of rock’n’roll to lead the crowd in an orgiastic chant of ‘Art Brut Top of the Pops’, another reference that has taken on an anachronistic quality, given the demise of that TV show.

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