Exposure - Vivian Girls

Exposure - Vivian Girls

Tomorrow’s music today: Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls - Tell the World

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Propelled into our lives on a wave of blog hysteria following a scuzzy masterpiece of a debut, Vivian Girls are possibly the most perfect outfit to come out of New York since The Strokes squeezed into those skinny jeans and stole our hearts all those years ago. Think lashings of reverb, killer fringes, beguiling harmonies and literary ref-strewn tales of heartbreak and nihilism – really, what more could you want from a band? We catch up with guitarist Cassie Ramone in LA …

So, how did Vivian Girls come into being?
‘We formed in March last year. I knew Katy (Kickball, bass) from high school and she met Ali (Koehler, drums) at college in New Jersey. Ever since I was a kid I had wanted to play guitar in a rock band and then I did it!’

Critics always reference The Jesus & Mary Chain when they describe your music. Are you big fans?
‘Not so much. I mean I think they’re cool and a really good band but they didn’t influence us at all. When we first started we were inspired by acts like The Wipers and Dead Moon. The whole idea was that we were really into punk but didn’t want to do it straight up, so we added lots of crazy stuff to that raw sound.’

And what about a second record, word is it’s already on the way?
‘We’re all feeling majorly psyched right now. We have more than half of it done so far and the songs are sounding much more interesting than the first album. We aim to finish it in January, record it in LA with Steve McDonald from Redd Kross and get it out in spring next year.’

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sat 6 Dec.

Vivian Girls and Male Pattern Band

New York trio who combine girl group melodies with Mary Chain shoegaze distortion.

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