5 Things you might not know about - Steve Coogan

5 Things you might not know about - Steve Coogan

1 In 1992 Steve Coogan won the Perrier as Alan Partridge alongside his buddy John Thomson. That gong didn’t stop him speaking out in later times against the award’s parent company Nestlé for the whole baby milk scandal.

2 In 1999 Coogan formed TV production company Baby Cow with Henry Normal. The first show they had aired was Human Remains starring Julia Davis and Rob Brydon.

3 When David Beckham once sported one of his dafter haircuts, opposing fans shouted at him: ‘are you Paul Calf in disguise?’ Chances are it wasn’t Barca supporters during his time at Real Madrid. Coogan was especially proud of that chant because it came three years after Calf had made his last appearance on the telly.

4 Having played the late Manchester music impresario Anthony H Wilson in 24 Hour Party People, Coogan recently appeared in the BBC’s Sunshine as Bing Crosby. Not the becardiganed crooner mind, but a fictional compulsive gambler whose addiction turns his family life upside down. A rather touching comedy-drama would best describe it.

5 His Hollywood career has ballooned in recent times with a role as a shrink in Curb Your Enthusiasm, a doomed director in Tropic Thunder while his deluded school teacher in Hamlet 2 is set for cinemas and he has talked seriously about a movie of the life of inept yet iconic British ski-jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

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Steve Coogan

Stand-up show from his TV show 'Alan Partridge' and various other characters.

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