Introducing . . . Paragraph

Introducing . . . Paragraph

The best new labels in town. This month: Paragraph

Who’s behind it? Slam, aka Stuart MacMillan and Orde Meikle, arguably Scotland’s biggest house and techno export.

Who’s on it? Just the Slam boys, recording under the alias Paragraph. They view the label as a chance to release double A-side records or online downloads of songs quickly, rather than waiting for the administrative wheels to turn at their regular label Soma.

Music policy ‘Where our Slam stuff’s more experimental,’ says Meikle, ‘a bit more musical and tied to the concept of an album, Paragraph is just stripped right down and aimed at the dancefloor. They’re the kind of tracks we might do on the laptop if we have an idea while we’re travelling.’

What they say ‘Paragraph is a vehicle for Stuart and I to create a track and get it in the shops within three weeks,’ says Meikle, ‘because the simple fact is that there are a lot of other artists to take into account when we put a record out through Soma. We’ve got maybe ten tracks ready to go, so we’ll be trying these out during upcoming sets – including this one – alongside tracks which have influenced them. Then the hope is that we’ll have enough material to put together a live Paragraph tour in the Spring.’

What we say This isn’t just a vanity project and even if it were, Slam’s would be far more listenable than most. With David Bailey Ross (who created Mylo’s ‘Destroy Rock’n’Roll’ sleeve concept) coming up with the minimal packaging design and the next four releases already set up to follow last month’s ‘City Destroyer’, these will be quality packages for DJs and collectors alike.

Slam play a special Paragraph set at Off the Record’s 6th Birthday, Soundhaus, Glasgow, Sat 6 Dec. Guests Mike Huckaby and Simon Stokes will also be appearing alongside the OTR residents.

Off the Record 6th Birthday

OTR celebrate their sixth year amidst the gruelling Glasgow club scene with techno sets from Slam (playing material from their new label Paragraph), Mike Huckaby (Synth, Detroit), Simon Stokes (Mini Bus, Monu Digital) and the Sleaze DJs. With residents Solar and Animal Farm.

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