The Glimmers

The Glimmers

Headspin at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Nov


Belgium’s other premiere DJ duo the Glimmers (Mo and Benoelie) are guesting at Edinburgh’s ever reliable home of mixed musical genres, Headspin. Famed for their no holds barred approach to mixing and siphoning off the cream of any genre, the Glimmers will happily mix the likes of indie types Sons & Daughters with rock royalty such as Freddy Mercury with cutting edge electronica from LCD Soundsystem, Prins Thomas and Mekon (as so ably demonstrated on their Fabric mix). ‘We just like music in the big sense of the word,’ explains Mo.

Honing their DJing skills in their native Ghent at their legendary ten hour Fifty Five sessions, moving on to remix everyone from Bloc Party and The Killers to New Order and Roxy Music, now the Glimmers are producing their own material (and are working with a full live band for their next album). However, their latest album The Glimmers are Gee Gee Fazzi (which features collaborations with Princess Superstar, Optimo, Freeform Five and many more) is being released in a very unique way. ‘It’s not released through the classic channels,’ says Mo. ‘You can’t buy it in the shops, you can’t buy it online but if you come to a party that we’re playing, everyone who buys a ticket gets an album.’ Including this Headspin date. ‘We’re playing every weekend in different cities so that’s your audience. So why not distribute our music that way rather than record stores?’ Direct marketing at its very best, getting your product in the hands of your fans with the minimum of fuss.

The Glimmers also play the Death Disco XXXmas party, the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 13 Dec.


Mixing funk, hip hop, disco, house and beats, Headspin continues to push the boundaries and raises clubbing to an art form for the last ever time as Headspin hang up the headphones as DJ Yoda rocks the room for their final party.

Death Disco XXXmas Party

A XXXmas night to remember at one of Glasgow's most extravagant electro and bass parties.


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