Sal P

Sal P

Melting Pot at the Admiral, Glasgow, Sat 6 Dec


Although early-80s pioneers of the New York New Wave and post punk sound Liquid Liquid have enjoyed something of a revival in the UK during 2008, they should have been on the radar of Glasgow’s more discerning clubbers for a few years now. Their track ‘Optimo’ did, after all, give Twitch and Wilkes’ Sunday night riot of floorfilling eclectica its name, and the song itself was a classic of Optimo (the club) throughout its early years.

It’s only slightly odd, then, that the band’s lead vocalist Salvatore Principato is coming to Glasgow to DJ at Melting Pot instead, although this club’s dedication to the quality end of the Saturday night disco sound should ensure he fits right in. Besides, Jonny Wilkes will be lending support on this occasion. We would urge you to expect a collision of genres, although Ron ‘Sparks’ Mael lookalike Principato’s weekly Universal Sundays night at the Leopard Lounge in New York might give some indication as to what’s in store – the playlist is heavy with African and Caribbean rhythms, just as his sometime band also indulge in these styles.

With a Domino-released Liquid Liquid retrospective entitled Slip In and Out of the Phenomenon (titled after their track ‘Cavern’, which was famously rerecorded by Grandmaster Flash as ‘White Lines’) and a stunning reunion gig at London’s Barbican last month, the time is right to discover this seminal band – even if it’s only by the medium of DJ set for now.

Melting Pot

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