Also Published - 5 Auto-Biographies

  • The List
  • 27 November 2008

Ted Turner - Call Me Ted The media mogul and ex-husband of Jane Fonda talks about family tragedy, CNN, the America’s Cup and his controversial former missus. Sphere.

Diahann Carroll - The Legs are the Last to Go Subtitled ‘Ageing, Acting, Marrying and Other Things I Learned the Hard Way’, this is the story of the actress who was married four times and got engaged to David Frost. Amistad.

Anne Rice - Called Out of Darkness The author of many a bestselling vampire book writes of her Catholic childhood and her Damascene veering from the path of atheism. Chatto.

Charlie Mitchell - Please Don’t Hurt Me, Dad Apparently the ‘misery memoir’ genre has slowed down a bit, but before we all start reading happy clappy stories, here’s the grim tale of a horrible 70s upbringing in a Dundee tenement. Element.

Fern Britton - Fern: The Autobiography Comedian Wil Hodgson once said that he’d climb over Kylie to get to Fern Britton. Not sure what he now thinks of her all-new slimline look though. Michael Joseph.

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