Exposure: Micachu

Exposure: Micachu

It’s iPop, but not as we know it. 21-year-old Mica Levi (lives in East London, grew up ‘in a large mansion in Surrey’ – her words) makes glitching, Nu Ravesque electronica, is mates with Jack Penate and Toddla T, and wears the highlighter-pen ensemble of a girl whose face is destined for the pages of NME. Yet her debut album Jewellery is being produced by avant-garde electronica bod Matthew Herbert.

Eh? How’d that happen?
Herbert discovered her, as it goes, and signed her to his label Accidental. She’s studying composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and says her long term ambition is to actually be a composer. She’s also had a piece commissioned for the London Philharmonic Orchestra which was played at the Royal Festival Hall. We don’t think he found her busking.

So is ‘Golden Phone’ the future sound of the Proms?

We doubt progress moves that fast. Her last single, a skittering collision of jagged beats and smart melodies is more an exercise in clever pop composition than it is a party banger, but Micachu’s still way too out there for the traditionalists – she even has a free-to-download grime mixtape up on her MySpace, for heaven’s sake. Not in front of the neighbours!

What can we expect from these gigs?
The live show as Micachu and the Shapes – with keyboard player Raisa Khan and drummer Marc Pell – is reportedly unlike most others out there, although perhaps she’s even a bit too scary for your average Late of the Pier fan. FACT magazine memorably described LV’s remix of Micachu’s ‘Lips’ as being ‘like when you've got both iTunes and a MySpace open and playing music at the same time and you can't reach the volume control quickly enough’. The Wire readers will love her.

Micachu plays the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 27 Nov; Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Fri 28 Nov.

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