Mischa Barton's single joy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 November 2008
Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton's single joy

Former 'The O.C.' actress Mischa Barton, who recently separated from her boyfriend Taylor Locke, says it's "great" being single

Mischa Barton says it's "great" being single.

The actress - who shot to fame starring in teen drama 'The O.C.' - recently split from musician Taylor Locke but admits she is enjoying her freedom.

She said: "I'm not used to being single, but it's really nice. It's great actually. Just embrace it! It's important to breathe for a minute!"

Mischa, 22, also revealed she sometimes finds it hard to cope with fame, but thinks her recent move to Paris, France, was a good decision because people don't recognise her there.

She added: "Some nights it feels like everyone wants a piece of you. If you just want to go for a drink with a friend and someone is in your face with a camera then it's annoying. But the upside is that at least they are your fans! They appreciate you, and the more people that like you, the better."

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