Jamie Foxx's Bond dream

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 November 2008
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx's Bond dream

Jamie Foxx says he wants to be the first black James Bond

Jamie Foxx wants to be the first black James Bond.

The Oscar-winning actor would jump at the chance to portray the suave British spy.

He said: "Of course I'd take the role. I'd put a little swing in it. A little hip-hop, you know."

Foxx insists he would have no problem perfecting his British accent, and he wouldn't be afraid to suggest some changes for the role.

He said: "Maybe I wouldn't be drinking martinis, but drinking some Hennessey maybe. My Bond would drink dark liquor."

Foxx claims fans are keen to see him fulfil his dream, adding: "I was in London and I had to give an award to the current James Bond Daniel Craig. I went up and said, 'Bond. Black Bond.' And everybody just lost it. Black Bond would be cool."

The idea of having a black Bond was originally suggested by Craig.

He insisted it would be an exciting prospect following Barack Obama's success in the US Presidential election race earlier this month.

A recent survey revealed people would most like to see Will Smith, Djimon Hounsou or Terrence Howard become the first black James Bond.

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