Jessica Simpson's calming Romo

Jessica Simpson says her American football star boyfriend Tony Romo "calms" her

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's calming Romo

Jessica Simpson says boyfriend Tony Romo "calms" her.

The singer-and-actress - who has been dating the American football star for a year - has revealed one of the reasons she loves him so much is because he helps her relax.

Jessica said: "Tony is the whole package. He has taught me to calm down a lot. I'm not organised and he's not organised either - but he does make me want to be organised for us.

"He is a good guy, and he's really just helped me along in life and taught me a lot about being comfortable being myself."

The 28-year-old star also revealed Tony is not the first member of the Dallas Cowboys team to have caught her eye.

She added: "I grew up in Dallas so I had a crush on Troy Aikman, who was the quarterback at the time. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, I think there's a requirement, like you have to be good looking."

Jessica has recently prompted rumours she may be expecting a baby after she was spotted out in a series of long, floaty dresses and carrying a giant handbag in front of her stomach.


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