Ready for the festive floor: Hot Chip interview

Ready for the festive floor

Before he warms up Cabaret Voltaire this Hogmanay, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard talks Santa Claus and disillusionment with Jasper Hamill

What are your favourite Christmas hits?
My favourite is the Phil Spector Christmas album, which I think is wonderful and romantic. Of course, there are also the classics, like ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus’, which is about the idea that Santa Claus is your Dad, not some guy who has sex with your mum and then leaves.

Are you concerned that the recession means fewer kids will find a synthesiser under their Christmas tree?
It’s a worry. My dad was never really hip enough to buy me a synthesiser for Christmas – it was always an acoustic guitar. I think the recession will hit people a bit, so maybe they’ll have to tone it down and go for a tambourine or something. Something a bit more Early Learning Centre.

Who would you most like to come home for Christmas?
The person that just popped into my head is Ray Mears. But I suppose for Christmas it’s not so appropriate because you’ve got a load of nice things in the oven; you don’t need him to go and pick berries off a tree to eat.

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?
I’ve just got married, so it would have to be my wife. But if it was anyone from history, it would be Faye Dunaway. I watched her in Chinatown the other night and she looked very kissable.

When did you realise Santa didn’t exist?
I set a trap for him. I set a little microphone and walkman up that I thought would capture the sound of him coming in. My dad snuck in and wrote a letter as Father Christmas that said, ‘you can’t catch Father Christmas’. It talked about his night so far and and thanked me for leaving out mince pies and brandy. I’ve still got that letter.

Hot Chip DJ Set, Sugabeat Xmas, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 31 Dec.

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