Russell Brand's gay attraction

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 November 2008
Russell Brand

Russell Brand's gay attraction

Controversial comic star Russell Brand has revealed he attracts women by pretending he is gay

Russell Brand attracts women by pretending he is gay.

The controversial comic star - who is famous for his love of the opposite sex - admits his camp personality can work in his favour when he is trying to flirt with attractive ladies.

He said: "In spite of appearances, I'm a heterosexual male. Because I'm so well dressed, people think, 'He must be gay.'

"Look at his haircut, he must be gay. Look how sensitive and vulnerable he is, he must be gay. That means women feel safe around me. They trust me. Then bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Another generation. We continue."

Russell also explained the inspiration behind his unruly backcombed hair.

He added to US TV talk show host David Letterman: "My friend Rail says aliens can communicate messages to us through our hair. So I thought take that to it's natural conclusion, try to reach out to them a little bit. I've not received and signals as yet, other than a clear one from humans of, 'Get your hair cut!' "

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