Corrina Hewat - Harp I Do (4 stars)

Corrina Hewat - Harp I Do

Corrina Hewat forsakes the chumminess of the various groups in which she is involved – including co-directing the might Unusual Suspects – for the more isolated terrain of solo harp. As the title says, harp she does, and very well too. She approaches her selected music in technically accomplished and expressive fashion, both in her own tunes and in her borrowings from diverse contemporary peers, including Charlie McKerron, Ian Carr, Mike Vass, Anna Massie and Peter Ostroushko.

Her self-composed material includes ‘Making The Connection’, the opening section of her 1998 New Voices commission at Celtic Connections. She admits her regret at not recording the full band at the time, when both Martyn Bennett and Johnny Cunningham were still around, but it is worth hearing even in reduced form. Many listeners will know her as a singer as well, but she sticks to purely instrumental music on this disc.

Big Bash Records

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