Stephen Baldwin's Hannah tattoo

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  • 12 November 2008

Stephen Baldwin

'The Usual Suspects' star Stephen Baldwin has got a 'HM' tattoo after being dared to have a tribute to Disney TV show 'Hannah Montana' etched on his body by the series' star Miley Cyrus

Stephen Baldwin has had a 'Hannah Montana' tattoo.

'The Usual Suspects' star - who became friends with the Disney TV show's star Miley Cyrus after meeting at the White House last year - was told by Miley he could appear on the series if he inked himself with a tattoo tribute to her on-screen alter ego.

Miley - who could not believe Stephen, 42, would have gone to such lengths to appear on his daughters' favourite TV show - rushed to Stephen's book signing in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday (10.11.08) to inspect the unusual artwork on the actor's upper bicep for herself.

After discovering the report was true, Miley posed with her boyfriend Justin Gaston and Stephen - who prominently displayed the etching - for waiting photographers.

According to gossip website, Miley promised Stephen she will keep her side of the bet, and has secured him a role in a future episode of 'Hannah Montana'.

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