Five reasons to go and see: Death Cab For Cutie

Five reasons to go and see: Death Cab For Cutie

1 They toured with Neil Young
Which gives Ben Gibbard and his fellow Washington makers of schmoopy, winsome guitar pop a more legit reason than any of the other army of Young copyists to continue in his vein.

2 They’ve become a fixture on US TV drama soundtracks
Like Snow Patrol before them, it’s not that the music is bad (go with us here) but over-exposure blands it into aural wallpaper. Catch Death Cab before too much airplay ruins them.

3 Frightened Rabbit are the support
Hopefully it won’t end as badly as for the bunnies in the video for ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark’, ie at the pet cemetery.

4 Self-sabotage failed
After success on Atlantic they released the single ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ with a sparse and moody intro nigh on five minutes long. It may have been motivated by major label cold feet, but turned out to be surprisingly good.

5 ‘Love of mine one day you will die’
They turn promises of suicide and stalker pretensions into the sweetest love songs. While every one else is sobbing, take the opportunity to snake an arm around that prospective lover’s shoulders.

Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Fri 14 Nov.

Death Cab For Cutie

College rock from Bellingham, Washington, in the same vein as Elliot Smith, Quasi and Superchunk, known for their energetic live shows and for their heavy rotation on The OC

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